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Historic places in Jabalpur: There are lots of places to visit in Jabalpur like a historical area, wildlife park, falls, forts ancient temples. You can find some tourist places in Jabalpur, housing some famous Hindu temples and other religious sites. And there are also some great getaways for adventure and nature lovers in the form of dams and hills. These places serve as great weekend getaways from Jabalpur and can be visited with and friends. Wherever your interest lies, you are bound to find places will your purpose.

Historic places in Jabalpur:

There are two famous palaces from the history of Jabalpur:
Rani Durgavati Museum
In Jabalpur, one of the historically dominant magnetism to visit for art and history lovers is Rani Durgavati Museum. This Museum conserves many important belongings of the ‘then’ renowned rulers. You can also see good glimpses of the rich the cultural legacy here. Rani Durgavati Museum may be marked as an additional place for children as it has a series of ancient treasures and also a collection of statue and letters of Mahatma Gandhi. This museum also has a gallery of advice culture and is marked to be one of the best museums to visit in the whole of Madhya Pradesh.
Madan Mahal fort:
Dust and greens bound Madan Mahal Fort. Here, you get a chance to spend time among the rock of the past where the still standing 11th- century fort offers and architectural luxury. This traditional attraction in Jabalpur back in the previous days served as a watchtower, and it still provides a splendid view of the city. And the only way to observe its beauty is by bookmarking this place in your list during your tours in Jabalpur.

Tourist places near Jabalpur:

If you are looking for places to visit near Jabalpur for a fun-filled weekend, you have a lot of options like Mandla. Mandla has wildlife, Mandla has ancient forts, Mandla has palaces, temples even have spring- Mandla has everything you need to make your weekend perfect.
The districts showcase a perfect blend of natural and human-made wonders and impress visitors with the vast variety of exciting places it holds within its ambit. Spend some quality time relaxing, exploring adventuring, and finding peace amidst the serene and beautiful landscapes of Mandla. The Narmada surrounds it from three sides, making it all the more picturesque. It is located at a distance of approximately 130 km from Jabalpur, which also makes an exciting destination for a long drive with friends and family. It is famous for Mandla fort, Begum Mahal, Narmada River, Garam Pani Kund, and river Ghats.

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