Jabalpur Turism Amarkantak (NLK Amarakaṇṭaka) is a pilgrim town and a Nagar Panchayat in Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, India and we created our Amarkantak Tour Package for those who loves the heritage and culture, as Amarkantak is very rich in heritage and culture . The Amarkantak region is a unique natural heritage area of state and is the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura Ranges, with the Maikal Hills being the fulcrum. This is where the Narmada River, the Son River and Johila River emerge.

Popular 15th-century Indian mystic and poet Kabir is said to have meditated on Kabir Chabutra, also called the platform of Kabir, situated in the town of Amarkantak, before plan your tour of Amarkantak you need to know what should you will do there.